Important Facts about the Female Fertility Test

Important Facts about the Female Fertility Test

If you are a woman with dreams of becoming a mom, those dreams can shatter quickly when you are unable to conceive. It is estimated that 15% of the over 30 population experiences infertility issues of some sort, but most are caused by treatable underlying conditions. A fertility test is the first step in diagnosing fertility issues, and finding the cure for the problem. This test is one that you can schedule with your doctor and get the answers that you seek, and the cure that you want.

The Low Down on Infertility

Fertility is an issue that affects a large number of women over the age of 30. It causes a lot of stress and toys with the emotions because so many people dream of becoming parents. You probably feel this way, or you wouldn’t be here reading this information.

If you are concerned about fertility because you’ve still been unable to conceive after 12 consecutive months of unprotected sex with the same person, the following facts may be of benefit to you.

·    Infertility is defined as the inability to conceive after a year of unprotected intercourse with the same partner. However, around 30% of couples who were unable to conceive during the first year of trying had successful pregnancies the second time around.

·    Carefully selecting the right fertility doctor can make a tremendous difference in both your comfort and the outcome of the visit. Your general doctor may be able to refer you to a fertility specialist, and friends may also have beneficial information. Be sure that you use the web to gather information on the best doctors around as well.

·    Men can be the cause of fertility problems. Although women oftentimes assume that it is a problem with themselves, sometimes it is the man that is causing the problem. There are fertility tests for men also available.

·    A doctor will perform a physical examination to identify any problems that could be contributing to or causing the infertility issues. A medical history is also taken. Again, it is oftentimes an underlying medical condition responsible for infertility.

·    The cost of a fertility test can be quite expensive. Some insurance companies will cover the fees, while others will not. Talking to your insurance company ahead of time is always wise.

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·    Before you choose to undergo a fertility test, make sure that you are living a healthy lifestyle. Many times, problems with infertility occur because of a woman’s lifestyle. Things such as being overweight, smoking, drinking alcohol, and an unhealthy diet can lead to the inability to conceive.

If you are concerned about fertility issues, talk to a friend, and use the information found online to soothe your mind. Change the way that you live, and vow to lead a better life. And, when all else fails, the fertility doctor is there to help guide you in the right direction so the joys of parenthood can be found soon in your future.